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Tools And Tackles For Phe

1.Hydraulic Tightening device

Capacity 13 - 95 ton
Stroke 8 - 155 mm
Center Hole Diameter
19,6 - 79,0 mm
Max. Pressure 700 bar

  • Easy to dismantle and Assemble plate pack of plate heat exchangers
  • Less time duration to complete the assembly
  • No possibility of misalignment of plates while assembly
The tightening device shall consist of the following components :

60 Ton S/A Hollow Plunger Cylinder, Stroke: 76mm, Closed Height: 247mm Economy Pump, 3-Way Valve, Single Acting Max. operating pressure 700 bar
Gauge Adaptor, 1/4" Gauge Port Pressure Gauge, Face Dia 2.5", 1/4" NPTF Thread, Range 0-10000 PSI 3/8" Hi-Flow Coupler consisting of CR400 female half & CH-604 male half 6 feet Hose, 3/8" NPTF, .25" I.D. with CH-604 Coupler 3/8" NPTF Manifold Valve, 4-Way Cylinder Half (Female) Coupler of C604 20 feet Hose, with CH-604, 3/8" NPTF, .25" I.D.

2. Ratchet Spanner

This ratchet type spanner is specifically used for opening and closing the plate heat exchanger frames .

Sizes available 24,36,46, 50 , 55,60,70,75mm and can be tailor made to meet client requirements.

  • Smoother operation
  • Non slip while operation.