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CIP Pump

Maintenance personnels frequently encounter the problem of build-up deposits on heat transfer surfaces in many applications . We do supply the complete CIP pump system as per the requirement of our customer. The CIP pump can be used for cleaning the equipments without opening the Unit. This can be used for plate heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger , other welded heat exchanger and shell and tube heat exchangers.

Concept :
  • Connect the CIP unit to the heat exchanger
  • Mix the cleaning chemicals in the tank and heat it up.
  • Circulate the cleaning solution for few hours depends on the scale.
  • Drain and rinse thoroughly with water
  • Disconnect the CIP unit
  • All scales shall be removed and the equipment is back to the designed performance.

  • Complete or partial dissolving or destruction of the deposits due to the chemical reaction. Deposits are removed in the continuous re circulation.
Features and Benefits:
  • Connecting directly to the inlet and outlet. This avoids disassembly and assembly .Down time minimized and increases the gasket life in case of gasketted phe.
  • Construction of Pump and tank and all other wetted parts are in AISI304 or as per the preference of customer .
  • Fast cleaning due to the hot liquid . Heating element helps to heat the chemical in the tank.
  • Temperature Indicator to check and plan the required temperature .
  • Reverse direction circulation makes it possible to remove any deposits which is difficult to remove from the heat exchanger.