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Brazed Type

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Brazed plate Heat Exchanger is constructed of a series of Pressed corrugated plates in stainless steel. These plates are stacked one over other with copper foil in between for Joining and kept in oven for brazing together. The plates are stacked in such a way that flow passage one side primary fluid and another channel secondary fluid passage.


  • Small Footprint
  • Lower Hold-up Volume
  • No Gaskets to Replace
  • High and Low Temperaturesv

BPHE plates and channel types

Certain BPHEs are available with different types of channel plates where the herringbone pattern varies. The benefit of different herringbone patterns is that the hydraulic and thermal characteristics of the BPHE can be modified. For example, two BPHEs can have the same pressure drop on both sides despite different flow rates.

The fluids can pass through the heat exchanger in different ways. For parallel flow BPHEs, there are two different flow configurations: co-current or counter-current There are several different versions of the channel plate packages.

Examples include:

  • Dual-circuit BPHEDual-circuit BPHE
  • Two-pass BPHE, which corresponds to two units connected in series.
  • Dual-over-two-pass BPHE

Material combinations

There are different BPHE product categories depending on material combinations and design pressures. The standard plate materials are AISI 316 stainless steel, S, vacuum-brazed with a pure copper filler, C, or a nickel-based filler, N. For demanding applications, the plates can be made of SMO 254, a stainless steel with a higher content of molybdenum.