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Spiral Heat Exchangers

Manufacturing is done by rolling two sheets around a centre core to form two concentric spiral passage. The sides are welded and forms two passage . one for hot and another for cold fluid.

Spacer Studs:

  • The plate gap is maintained by welded studs and this can be tailor made as per the requirement of the applications.
  • Circular design
  • Large surface to volume ratio and hence very compact
  • Easy maintenance
  • Counter current flow

Self Cleaning effect in the passage in spiral HX

As this single passage and this induce high shear stress and hence any particle in the passage that will be scrub away as they form. Hence reduces fouling,.


  • For high viscosity fluid
  • Fouling Liquids, Fibresm Sludges etc
  • As solvent recoverycondenser in Pharma Industry