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Plate Heat Exchanger Service

We have wide experience in servicing of various makes of plate heat exchangers in various industries which utilizes the plate heat exchangers.

Our Expertise encompasses servicing of all types such as

  • Gasketted type PHE
  • Semiwelded Or Twin type PHE
  • Free Flow type PHE
  • Wide Gap type PHE
  • Fully Welded type like bloc, plate and shell etc
  • Plate type Evaporator
For New PHE

Erection and Commissioning till performance testing for designed parameters

For Existing PHE

Trouble shooting, cleaning, regasketting and reassemble and leakage testing.

PHE reconditioning -Complete Reconditioning/Regasketting of Gasketted PHE at our service centre—Typical Procedure

The reconditioning work of PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER is carried out in two stages mainly for plates and third stage is for Frame.

A brief description about each stage follows as below.


Stage One Reconditioning work involves the following three steps.


PHE as full equipment or as Plate packs alone are received and undergo stringent check in procedure ensuring the match with customer’s specification for quantity, identity and damage. Any non-conformance will be notified to customers.


The old gaskets are removed with care and the plates are subjected to chemical cleaning. The chemicals chosen depends on the type of fouling & plates MOC. After chemical cleaning and water jet washing, the plates reach to the next step.


The cleaned plates are then inspected for cracks, pin holes or thinning effect and for any deformation if any, 100 % plates shall be subjected to Light box test and 5% of the plates will be subjected to DYE PENETRANT TEST.


Stage Two Reconditioning work involves the following three steps. The plates which are passed in the stage 1 of reconditioning shall be taken for stage 2 reconditioning.


The inspected plates are then regasketted with new gaskets by applying special adhesive. The regasketted plates are inspected for proper bonding.


All the regasketted plates are stacked one above other similar to the way it is assembled in frame structure. And equal load will be distributed over the plates and kept for few hours for curing. Or Oven curing depends on the applications and need.


The regasketted plates are assembled in the frame as per the design and tightened to the plate pack length. The hydro test will be carried out on both hot side and cold side to the test pressure as per the design of equipment.


Frames are inspected

1.Tightening bolts and nuts on frame are checked, If minor repair to be done, the same shall be carried by us. If replacement is required, the same shall be informed to customer for placement of order.

2.Liner: DP test shall be carried out on all liners for cracks and damage and for any problem , the same shall be rectified by re welding or the liner shall be replaced based on the confirmation from customer end for the increase in cost.

3.Supporting column : shall be checked for the damage and welding , in case of requirement, the same shall be carried out.

4. Painting: Surface preparation on the existing frame to remove corroded portions and epoxy painting shall be done on the surface.

5. Greasing the bolts and Bolt cover : Tightening bolts are greased and bolt cover shall be placed. All the services are provided according to clients’ requirements at a very cost effective price range. We Provide Comprehensive analysis to determine the best techniques for the specific application.