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Semi Welded Type

Semi welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Two plates are laser welded with each other and are called as a twin plate or cassette. These two cassettes when joined, from channel where other fluid flows.

These units are mostly used as evaporators or condensers, where the gaseous fluid Flows within the cassette and the other fluid flows through the gap formed by cassette.

These units are also used in application where primary fluid is not compatible with the regular gaskets.

The gasket material used is Nitrile rubber, EPDM, VITON and NEOPRENE as ring gasket.

The plate material used, based on process parameters and the fluid are diversified like,SS316, Titanium, and SMO 254 etc.

The PHE size in this range varies from 2” connection size to a maximum of 10 ” connection size.