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Heat Trace Coils/Plate Heatex Coil

Construction :

Plate type heatex coil consists of two metal sheets of equal or unequal thickness which will eventually form the heat transfer plates. This is seal welded along the perimeter and spot welded intermittently across the entire heat transfer surface using an automatic state of art laser welding technology.


Single inflated
Double inflated


Temperature : upto 800 deg c
Pressure : upto 60 bar


  • Can be inserted in tanks or flowing liquids.
  • Can be clamped into shell
  • Can be integrally welded as shell component

Clamp on to maintain temperature in chemical storage tanks


  • Jacketed tanks and vessels
  • Clamp-on upgrades
  • Immersion heaters and coolers
  • Hear recovery banks
  • Suction heaters
  • Bayonet heaters
  • Cryogenic shrouds
  • Drum warmers
  • Pipe coolers
  • Freeze-dry condenser banks
  • Shipboard heaters and coolers
  • Cascade coolers
  • Refrigeration coolers
  • Storage tank heaters
  • Shelves
  • Fluidized beds
  • Gas cylinder heaters


We do offer the below as per customer requirements and as per your requirements in ASME,BS, TEMA, DIN and other INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS

  1. Titanium shell and tube heat exchangers
  2. Titanium Piping , lining
  3. Components fabrication with special Metals like titanium. Tandalum. Nickel, Hastelloy C 276
  4. Titanium Anode, Platinized Titanium Anode

We can offer to the specific needs with ASME and TEMA specifications.

Titanium tank
Titanium Basket
Nickel Strainer